I trained as photographer at North Staffordshire Polytechnic in the 1970s following which I worked as an independent photographer, teacher and arts organiser until the 1990s. I exhibited widely in England including:

Untitled Gallery, Sheffield, 1981

North West Arts Photography Group Shows, Uppermill Gallery, 1982

Crescent Art Workshop, Scarborough, 1983

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, 1985

Image and Exploration, Photographers' Gallery, London, 1985

Between Two Bridges, Posterngate Gallery, Hull, 1986

Disappearing Forest Wildlife /Rural Structure, Yorkshire Museum, York, 1987

Rural Structure, Crescent Arts Workshop, Scarborough, 1987

Rural Structure and Between Two Bridges, UWM Milwaukee Art Museum, 1987

My work over this time, and today, is rooted in the history of landscape photography and combines elements drawn from the Documentary Landscape tradition, along with a search for smaller, often overlooked details. I am inspired in particular by American photographers from the 19th through to the 20th Century (and by art from all periods but particularly modern and contemporary art). 

In the 1980s and 1990s I ran arts and media organisations in Scarborough, Hull, Birmingham and Coventry before moving on a decade later to arts and heritage development and management in Leicestershire. Over this time I continued to make images, initially on film and later, digitally. Some of the images I made at this time can be seen in Archives on this site.

These series of images show that even whilst working full time in demanding jobs it was important to me to continue to make work, if only for myself to see. There were periods where I didn't manage to make any work and these coincided with a feeling that something was missing. Making photographs therefore, is an essential part of what I am.

This became clearer when I left full time employment in 2013 and I made the decision to try and "be" a photographer once more. I had expected to simply slip back into it but in fact, it took a while to realise that I needed to start, as I always have, close to home: to make work about my immediate surroundings.

I work mainly in South Nottinghamshire at the moment and the ability to make photographs ‘on my doorstep’ is important to me whether in our garden (Shed) or along the River Trent (Around The Red Cliff / Between Two Ferries) as I like to discover drama, beauty and possibility in the mundane and familiar.

In February 2018, I exhibited work in progress, Scarborough 1963 - 1970 and Around the Red Cliff / Between Two Ferries, in a one person show at The Photo Parlour, Nottingham